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Penrith Physiotherapy Sports

Penrith Physiotherapy Sports Injury - We Do Physio Differently

Up-to-date treatment techniques that are supported by the latest research

Our physiotherapists don't use old outdated treatments like stretching, dry needling and foam rolling. Our techniques are guideline-based, evidence-based and supported by good quality research. Whilst we use joint mobilisations, joint manipulations, joint mobility techniques and dynamic nerve flossing movements to modulate pain and encourage movement. Our physiotherapists firmly believe exercise is medicine and an integral part to the healing process.

A cutting edge philosophy

Our philosophy is firmly steeped in mechanotransduction, which refers to "the processes through which cells sense and respond to mechanical stimuli by converting them to biochemical signals that elicit specific cellular responses". The greater the magnitude of loading the greater the cellular response- so we won't use bands for too long or prescribe weak body weight exercises if you are capable of more.

Mechanotransductio Physio Penith.png

An impairments-based focus

Our impairments-based management with research supported interventions means you'll get faster results, better results and sustainable results.

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