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Physiotherapy Penrith Sydney Muscle & Joint Clinic

Physiotherapy Penrith

Your local evidence-based physiotherapy practice

Sydney Muscle & Joint Physiotherapy Penrith is a physiotherapy and exercise physiologist owned and operated private practice located in Penrith Sydney. 

Our Physiotherapy Penrith clinic provides Western Sydney with exceptional, individualised rehabilitation services to manage pain, tightness, stiffness, weakness and injury prevention. Our model focuses on you and only you, we are always one on one patient care. Initial consultations are 45 minutes long and follow-up normal consultations are typically 30 minutes in length. At Sydney Muscle & Joint Physiotherapy Penrith you will always receive 1:1 care from your physiotherapist, we will never leave you hooked up to a machine or to go and treat another patient.

Our Physiotherapy Penrith clinic treats all types of musculoskeletal complaints with a multi-modal approach, this means you get joint, muscle, nerve targeted interventions that include joint manipulation, joint mobilisation, soft tissue work, neurodynamic nerve stretching, exercise prescription and self management techniques.

Our physiotherapists treat private patients, those with medicare referrals, DVA patients, workcover (SIRA) patients and CTP patients. All receive an expert assessment, accurate diagnosis, impairment based treatments and the very best exercises to encourage pain reduction, strength and improved range of motion.

Sydney Muscle & Joint Physiotherapy Penrith is located in the heart of Penrith at 2/134 Henry Street (Gaymark Lane) Penrith. Ample parking can be found just metres away in Allen Place Carpark or on Henry Street.

What is an evidence-based physiotherapist?

An evidenced-based physiotherapist is one that has an evidence-based practice (EBP) approach that ensures quality and consistency of care. 

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