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Best Practice Approach For Shoulder Pain | Chiropractor Penrith

Updated: Jan 13, 2020

Shoulder pain presentations are a common presenting complaint in a clinical setting and some research suggests of the individuals that have new episodes of shoulder pain and that do not seek treatment:

- 70% will still have pain after 6 weeks.

- 50% will still have pain after 6 months.

- 40% will still have pain after one year.

Toby is a musculoskeletal Chiropractor in Penrith and takes pride in research supported practice. This means an accurate diagnosis and correlating these with specific impairments to ensure you get a targeted treatment approach:

1. Exclude involvement of the cervical spine (neck). 2. Is the shoulder stiff and painful? Test external rotation, must have 50% range of motion.

3. Is the shoulder weak and painful? Look at pain with resisted tests.

4. Is the shoulder unstable and painful? There may be increased range of motion and apprehension to perform certain movements. 5. Can we get the patient to reproduce the pain with a movement? We then use this as our baseline test.

Prescription of specific movements that target muscles like your rotator cuff, rhomboids, serratus anterior and pecs and reduce irritation will best treat impairments of pain, weakness, stiffness and instability.

At Sydney Muscle & Joint Clinic our approach is consistent, high quality and based on the best scientific knowledge. We deliver evidence-based physiotherapy, exercise physiology and chiropractic for a range of musculoskeletal conditions, which means you get an approach that is effective, safe, and efficient. Contact your local Penrith physio today.


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