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Loading Principles For Achilles Tendinopathy | Chiropractor Penrith

Updated: Jan 13, 2020

Much of the tendinopathy research suggests that we need to settle the tendon down and then build it back up with progressive loading protocols. We need to reduce compression via stretching, massage and foam rolling and improve strength across all types of contractions. Heavy slow resistance is the hallmark of current tendinopathy management.

The study below looked at four distinct loading protocols: heavy eccentric calf training, modified heavy eccentric calf training, eccentric overload, and eccentric overload with active rest. All four protocols involve an emphasis on eccentric exercise, as this has been shown to be effective for tendinopathy rehabilitation.

Tendinopathy rehab needs to encompass education around reducing compression, using isometrics for pain reduction and first line loading and then increase to heavy eccentric/concentric with both knee bent and knee straight plantarflexion.

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Murphy M, et al. Rate of Improvement of Pain and Function in MidPortion Achilles Tendinopathy with Loading Protocols: A Systematic Review and Longitudinal Meta-Analysis. Journal of Sports Medicine 2018.


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