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Running Injuries Physio Penrith

Running Injuries Treated at Sydney Muscle & Joint Physio Penrith

At Sydney Muscle & Joint Physio Penrith our approach to treating runners is one that is focuses on building the capacity and resilience of the injured tissue. The gretaer the capacity the more resielient you'll be to returning to running and staying injury-free. Common running injuries include lateral hip pain or greater trochanteric pain syndrome from gluteal tendinopathy and/or hip bursitis, runners knee or patellofemoral pain syndrome (PFPS), ankle sprains, Achilles tendinopathy, shin splints and plantar fasciopathy (fasciitis).


Our thorough physiotherapy assessment, accurate diagnosis and impairment related management looks at the whole kinetic chain, is high quality, consistent and most importantly evidence-based. 

Our Approach to The Treatment of Running Injuries

At Sydney Muscle & Joint Clinic our approach to running injuries focus on two simple but highly effective theories:

1. Mechanotransduction

Refers to the processes through which cells sense and respond to mechanical stimuli by converting them to biochemical signals that elicit specific cellular healing. Simply put - if you add load (exercise) you stimulate healing process.

2. Land-jump-hop

If you can't land, you can't jump. If you can't jump you can't hop. If you can't hop you can't run.

Read more on our approach to running-related injuries.

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Settle the injured tissue down
We immediately use low load exercise to stimulate cellular healing - these include running specific isometric contractions, coupled with joint mobilisations, soft tissue work we aim to reduce irritable pain as soon as possible.

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Build the injured tissue up
Heavy slow resistance exercises are then incorporated with dynamic mobility exercises to increase capacity, tissue tolerance & resilience. We use aged-related data to make sure you stay on top of the rep range required.

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Integration of a well researched jumping program
Simple but effective. If you can't land, you can't jump. If you can't jump you can't hop. If you can't hip you can't run. Our graded land-jump-hop program gets you running sooner.

Common Running Injuries

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