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Physio Penrith Common Conditions

Conditions Treated at Sydney Muscle & Joint Physio Penrith

At Sydney Muscle & Joint Physio Penrith our physiotherapists treat all musculoskeletal conditions including neck pain and headaches, mid back pain stiffness, low back pain, tendon injuries (tendinopathy), plantar fasciopathy, hip and knee pain and shoulder injuries.

Physiotherapists primarily help people affected by injury, illness or disability through movement and exercise, manual therapy, education and advice. Our Penrith physiotherapists focus on the patients preference for treatment modality, clinical expertise to know what is best for specific conditions/impairments and to utilise best practice interventions for management of pain, maintenance of health and prevention of disease.

Our Penrith physio's focus on impairment based therapy, which means whilst a diagnosis is helpful, our primary journey is to modify your impairments. These include pain, stiffness, tightness, weakness, reduced range of motion and poor balance and allows specific targeted interventions to be administered.

At Sydney Muscle & Joint Physio Penrith our physiotherapists use multiple modalities during the treatment of all musculoskeletal conditions and injuries. These include spinal manipulation therapy, joint mobilisations, McKenzie method, soft tissue work, neurodynamic nerve stretching, exercise prescription and education and advice.

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