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Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ - Sydney Muscle & Joint Clinic Penrith

1. What is evidence-based physiotherapy?

Evidence-based physiotherapy requires thoughtful clinical decision making about the management options and approaches of a patient that integrates the very best available evidence or guideline-based care, with strong clinical experience and considers the patient preferences and values.

Evidence-based physiotherapy ensures a commitment to use the best available evidence to inform decision-making about the care of individuals that involves integrating evidence gained through systematic research. This results in the delivery of high quality, effective and efficient treatments.

2. What physiotherapy qualifications do the physios at Sydney Muscle & Joint Clinic have?

The physiotherapists at Sydney Muscle & Joint Clinic Penrith have post-graduate qualifications that include a Doctor of Physiotherapy from Macquarie University. Further, undergraduate training in Exercise & Sport Science has been attained by some practitioners.

3. What services do Sydney Muscle & Joint Clinic offer?

We treat the following categories for physiotherapy, exercise physiology and chiropractic: private patient, medicare-referral, SIRA and Comcare (workcover), DVA and NDIS.

4. Do our physios treat more than one person at time?

The physiotherapists at Sydney Muscle & Joint Clinic Penrith treat one-on-one, in private rooms (no curtains) and for long 25min appointment times.

5. How much are the physiotherapy, exercise physiology & chiropractic appointments?

Initial consultations run for 45min and cost $128.00

Normal consultations run for 25min and cost $90.00

Extended consultations run for 45min and cost $128.00

6. How can I make a physiotherapy, exercise physiology or chiropractic appointment?

You can do the following actions to make a quick and easy booking:

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