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Workcover &  CTP Penrith

Workcover & CTP Injuries Treated at Sydney Muscle & Joint Physio Penrith

At Sydney Muscle & Joint Clinic our physiotherapy and exercise physiology practitioners are qualified in assessing and treating WorkCover patients and work-related injuries. All our physios are WorkCover NSW approved, meaning they have undergone further SIRA workers compensation training to treat injured workers with a workers compensation claim number. In the management of your workers compensation injury, we strive to reduce pain, increase capacity whilst managing tissue healing and to ensure a speedy recovery and return you to work in a timely and efficient manner.

Our physiotherapy and exercise physiology approach utilises evidence-based and high quality manual therapy and exercise based rehab interventions. The first priority for our physiotherapists and exercise physiologists is to reduce pain, reduce irritability of the pain, protect and promote tissue healing and encourage pain free movement. Our goal is not only a speedy recovery, but also a durable recovery to ensure your workers compensation injury is getting a best practice approach.

Our Penrith based physios and exercise physiology practitioners may use manual therapy in the initial stages of your workers compensation injury to reduce pain and these may include massage therapy, joint mobilisations and neurodynamic movements. Very quickly exercise based rehab is incorporated and through high quality exercise prescription our physiotherapy and exercise physiology practitioners can also reduce pain, improve strength and power and increase capacity to ensure a durable recovery. One of the most important factors when using exercise based rehab is that there may be pain during and after the exercise, but as long as this pain isn't greater than 5/10 and this pain is reduced the next morning. Our physio and exercise physiology practitioners will also give you self management strategies to help reduce pain after your physiotherapy session.

Our workers compensation injury management difference is fundamentally seen in our effective communication between your medical centre nominated treating doctor, insurers, employers and surgeons with thorough initial and progress report writing. Working in conjunction with the above parties, we regularly give feedback regarding capacity and any potential barriers that may impact upon the return to work process.

Our workers compensation approved physiotherapists will help in the diagnosis of your injury by performing specific provocative tests, help in the decision making process of imaging usefulness, perform manual therapy techniques (reduce pain) and prioritise high quality exercise prescription (reduce pain and increase strength and capacity).

Our workers compensation approved exercise physiology practitioners are most useful after your physio has used techniques to reduce pain. Our exercise physiologists use specific graded and progressive exercise prescription during exercise based rehab to ensure you get a durable recovery. Whilst the initial focus of workers compensation injury management is to reduce pain, the main focus is to increase capacity via strengthening exercises and graded exposure to work related movements and loading.

Our high quality workers compensation injury approach by our physiotherapy and exercise physiology practitioners includes:

  • manual therapy to reduce pain (massage therapy, joint mobilisations)

  • exercise based rehab to ensure a durable recovery

  • research supported exercise prescription (physiotherapy & exercise physiology)


Our workers compensation physiotherapy and exercise physiology practitioners see all WorkCover patients from Penrith, South Penrith, Emu Plains, Emu Heights, Cranebrook, Cambridge Park, Glenbrook, Blaxland, Kingswood, Mulgoa and Silverdale.

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