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Our physiotherapy approach is consistent, evidence-based and uses high quality interventions.

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High Quality Physio Penrith - Consistent & Evidence-Based Treatments

At Sydney Muscle & Joint Clinic our approach is consistent, high quality and based on the best scientific knowledge. We deliver evidence-based practice for a range of musculoskeletal conditions, which means you get an approach that is effective, safe, and efficient.

We focus on the following:

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Consistent treatments that incorporate clinical experience, best practice guidelines and patient preference.

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Evidence-based approach, which means you get an assessment and treatments that are proven to work.

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High quality interventions that are multi-modal, target your impairments and focus on capacity and resilience.

We avoid LOW QUALITY interventions:

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Physio Penrith_Cross.png

Foam rolling

Physio Penrith_Cross.png

Spiky balls

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We Do Things Differently

1. Sports physio.png

We use techniques proven to work

2.Sports physio.png

Long 30min consults that are one on one & in private rooms

3.Sports physio.png

Expert diagnosis & assessment using best & most current research 

4.Sports physio.png

Multiple treatment modalities that target joint, muscle & nerve


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